How to Enable the Updated Zoho Integration

We have a fresh update for you related to the Zoho CRM integration you have been using with your site.

Zoho has announced a new version of their integration and as a result the version you are using will soon stop accepting your leads. But we have some good news!  Carrot has enabled the new, easier to use Zoho integration. The Zoho Add-On needs to be activated and an Oauth Authentication used.

Here’s how you can activate the new Zoho CRM integration to continue automating leads from Carrot to your CRM.

Step 1: Go to Your Zoho CRM Settings

When you first log in and access your site’s “Content” section, you will see an alert at the top to access your Zoho settings. A link is provided. Click the orange link to go to your settings. For quick access, you can also click this link.

Click “configure the new integration” to access your Zoho CRM Integration settings.

Step 2: Connect to Zoho

Click the first button on the page to connect to the CRM. Then follow the screens to enter your login and confirm the site and your Zoho account are permitted to sync.

You’ll be redirected once you click the button.

The redirected page will ask for your Zoho login credentials.

Step 3: Accept the Integration

You must approve Carrot syncing with Zoho. Click the accept button to give permission to the sites to integrate together.

Step 4: Uninstall the Previous Zoho CRM

Return to the Zoho CRM Settings page. Here’s the direct link. Once there, click the “Uninstall Add-On” button to disconnect the old add-on.

You’re Done!

Here’s the new, easier to manage Zoho:​