Google Approved Sitemaps and How to Submit

One of the things that Google and all top search engines look on a website is what’s called a “sitemap”. A sitemap is simply a page that a search engine can look at that has a list of all of the pages on your website… with links to those pages. From there, the search engine can quickly and easily find the pages and content on your site… and rank that content faster (if it’s optimized correctly like we teach in our SEO for Beginners Guide.

All Carrot websites include an automatically generated sitemap for your website!

To view your sitemap, you can simply put a “/sitemap_index.xml” after your domain. For example, if your domain is, go to

If you’re adding your sitemap to your Google Webmaster Tools account, just follow the same process above and insert it into the “Add A Sitemap” section of your Webmaster Tools account.

Need to Resubmit or Submit a Sitemap to Google Search Console?

Step 1 – Log into Google Search Console:

  1. Navigate to Google Search Console here
  2. Enter your login credentials! 🙂

Step 2 – Navigate to the Sitemap Area:

  1. From the Account Overview page, you should see “Sitemaps” as a provided area in the locations panel to the left (as shown below). Click on “Sitemaps”:

Step 3 – Submit Your Sitemap:

  1. In the provided field, enter your domain’s URL + /sitemap_index.xml

    For example, if your domain is, go to
  2. Click the blue “Submit” button.

That’s it!