Add a PDF to Your Site

Want to do this with your own report and images? 

Adding Guides, PDFs and other free resources is a great way to get leads while giving away free information. It takes a fraction of time to create a resource that gives your lead information he or she wants. Take for instance our Foreclosure Guide above. The Guide is included with all of our active Carrot sites by default and helps the reader understand the foreclosure process in more detail, discover options, list solutions that helps stop or avoid foreclosure (including working with your company) and then helps them feel they can gain control over their foreclosure situation.

Wel’ll take a moment to paraphrase what Brendon Burchard writes in the Millionaire Messenger:

“Draw people in with free value and then, ultimately, offer something for sale. You want to send your leads free value, deepen your relationship, and offer them your products and programs (or your service) for purchase.”

Do you see how this can draw someone in?! So we love that you’re looking to add more value to your leads and are happy to help in any way possible. You are welcome to brand and use your Free Reports/Guides/PDF’s from your Carrot site so they are indicative of your company (so long as you are a customer).

You can find them by clicking here.

However, if you have your own report, you can certainly change these so that you do not have our default reports it makes total sense to replace or complement the reports by adding them onto the site. Please note, the maximum size for your PDF is 8mb. Any larger and the site can not accept it. 

The best way to add a PDF to your site is to add it as a link from an image. Now, this can get complicated depending on where the image is located for the Guide throughout the opt-in process. But what we recommend is having the image available pre opt-in (form) to drive traffic and visitors there. Once you have someone’s attention, the image is linked on a page or widget to an opt-in form which will automatically direct folks who opt-in to the PDF itself. Sound complicated? No worries, we get it.

Watch the video below to find out how to add the PDF: