How to Convert Your Page to Blocks

After you update to the new editor your pages and posts are going to remain on the classic block editor until you convert the editing experience to blocks. Please note, you will only have to do this for sites launched prior to November 25, 2019. 
Once you have converted your pages and posts to blocks, you will be able to use all the tools on the new visual editor.

Let’s get started on how you can convert to blocks!

Step 1: Go to your page list and click the title of the page you want to edit

Step 2: Go Through the Walk-Through

Note: This step is a one-time option. If you have already done this on a previous page, please skip to Step 3. 

When you first launch your site on the editor, you’ll see a box pop up with some tips on using the block editor. There is only a handful and you can choose to review those tips or click the “x” button at the top right of the pop up to close it.

Step 3: Convert Your Classic Block

You will see a Hero Block and Credibility Bar Block already converted on your site if it was on the page prior to the editor being launched. Scroll past those blocks until you find the Classic block.

Click it to access the block settings (you’ll find those by clicking the 3 dots at the top of the block.)

Scroll within the options until you see “Convert to Blocks.” Click that option to convert the editor to blocks.

Step 4: Click Update and You’re Done!

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