Automated Content Library Guidance

Why Use The Automated Content Library?

Blogs are a great way to build authority and generate traffic for your site. For SEO, content should be written by people, for people. With this in mind, our pre-written blog posts answer search engine queries and explain topics important to prospects.

Rather than spending hours to research and write a blog post from scratch, choose from thousands of high-quality articles for your site. Personalize these posts and add your own business expertise or details relevant to your local market area. Then automate your marketing by scheduling posts ahead of time.

To increase the likelihood of ranking above the competition and to not have unedited content be at risk for being evaluated by Google as duplicate content, add your own market insight and expertise to each post. We suggest modifying these blog posts at least 30-50%.

Wondering how to keep track of the amount of unique content? Don’t worry, we have the tools and resources to help get you to that mark!

How It Works

  • Each month, the Carrot team researches and writes unique, relevant and SEO optimized blog posts (grouped into packs aimed at a similar target audience) covering a variety of topics within real estate.
  • You can choose from new as well as past content to schedule and publish on your Carrot site on a weekly or monthly basis: just be sure to add at least 30-50% of your own unique content in order to stand out among competitor sites and keep Google from viewing your content as duplicate.
  • Users can find these 500-800 word blogs through long-tail keyword searches that each post is geared towards–blog posts can be linked to one another when relevant, or to a niche page or post topic (ideally 1,500 words or higher, with more conversion elements added) to point search engines to the main authoritative page for the topic on your site. Learn more about our blog content SEO strategy
  • These blog posts not only help search engines understand your area of expertise, it adds to your market authority for users looking for answers to their questions or issues (also referred to by Google as “helpful content”), which results in higher conversion rates for your Carrot site.

Getting Started With The Automated Content Library

Select a Content Pack The newest packs are displayed on the main page of the Content Library–click on a pack title to preview and schedule. You can select and browse content packs by lead type to see all packs that have been published in the past.

Review and Schedule Carefully review each individual post to ensure the keyword phrase is relevant to your target audience. Publishing once per week allows adequate time for you to edit and add content to scheduled posts.

Edit and Personalize!

Stand out from your competitors by adding market-relevant content and personalizing your posts. This will encourage Google to rank posts higher than competing content that has been unaltered.

If it’s a blog post related to your unique expertise and experience, add a personal anecdote or share brief story to personalize the post. This will help you build your E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness), which is something Google looks at when evaluating the quality of search results.

If you want to focus the article on your local market area, add references to local things related to the article. You might add names of local neighborhoods, towns, or landmarks. You could also link out to related local resources or local news articles.

You can also use Carrot’s AI Rewrite Tool to help you quickly update some of the content.

Aim for at least 30-50% unique content, but so long as the post continues to be optimized, adding more content will continue to boost the value of the post in Google’s eyes.

Click here to explore content packs and schedule blog posts
Wants tips on improving the value of your blog post? Check out our Good/Better/Best walkthrough here

Using Carrot’s Unique Content Tool And Column

Rather than making an educated guess or manually calculating how much content you have added to a post, we’ve created a tool that does all the work for you.

Our Unique Content Tool is specifically designed for blogs scheduled through the Content Library, and it is located in the sidebar within the Visual Editor of a post.

Starting from 0%, it will continue to track your added content as a percentage while you work. The tool automatically compares the additional content with that of the original pre-written content scheduled through the Automated Content Library.

Once you reach 30% unique, the indicator will turn green, but don’t let that stop you from continuing! There is plenty of added benefit to adding more than 30% additional content to a post, and the tool will continue to track past the initial mark.

To give an overview of the amount of unique content added thus far for your scheduled and published posts from our Content Library, we’ve added a “Unique Content” column to the Posts page view.

One additional benefit this tool offers–if you have deleted content from your post during the editing process, the tool will show an indicator that says “Too Short” to indicate the post falls under 500 words. Keeping your word content at 500 or higher will ensure your post is crawled, indexed and ranked by Google.

All blog posts that you schedule through the the Automated Content Library can be viewed by clicking on “Content” from the left menu and then “Content Library Posts” from the menu above the listed posts.

If you want to filter the view even further to all posts associated with the Content Pack or by category, simply click the corresponding box in the view above the page title, select desired options, and click “Filter”.

If you have published an individual blog post within a content pack in the past, that post will not be scheduled to avoid publishing duplicate posts on your site.

Previously scheduled or published posts are also noted underneath each post description from the individual pack preview page.

Unsure of where to start when it comes to planning and writing blog content? We have a detailed tutorial on blog content strategy here

Just like any skill, great blog content writing takes time to develop. Fortunately, the Automated Content Library allows you to get comfortable with ready-made blog posts that are fully editable to allow for personalization and expansion on the content itself.

We have thousands of posts to choose from–get started today!