How to Mark Leads As Spam

“Hello, I am a Nigerian prince and my grandmother has fallen ill. Can you please send me money.”

You don’t want to receive spammy leads like the one above and we don’t want that for you either. Thus the automated spam filter built into your site that responds similar to your email’s spam filter, watching for phrases, emails, and names that are known to spam folks. However, this system is not perfect and we know spam can be missed and placed in your Open Leads folder. When that happens, you can use the lead manager to move those spammy leads to the appropriate box.

Viewing Your Leads

To view all of your website’s leads across all of your forms, go to your site’s Dashboard and select Leads on the left-hand menu. Click here to access the Lead Dashboard directly.

New leads will appear in your “Open Leads” tab. Your “Open Leads” will be visible at first glance. These are all leads that are marked internally as “new,” “follow up,” and “pending.” This is where the spammy entry would be if the filter didn’t catch it.

Mark the Lead as Spam

Find the entry and click anywhere on the details listed to open the lead. Once you do, click the trash icon on the top right then select the option to “Report this lead as ‘spam.'” Your site will remember the details of this lead and auto-filter it to spam in the future.

You’re Done! A Green Box Appears and That’s It