Exporting Your Site’s Leads

Carrot comes with a simple lead database where you can store, manage, and/or export your leads in Excel format as you wish. Every time someone fills out one of your forms not only will you get an email notification about the lead, but your leads will also be stored in your Carrot account.

Want to set up a text notification when a lead comes in? Click here for the tutorial 🙂

Want to view your leads instead? Click here for the guide on how to view your leads!

1. Click on Content from Your Site’s Dashboard:

2. Select Your Forms:

3. Select Import/Export on the drop down menu:

3. Select Export Entries, Then Select a Form to Export Entries


4. Click “Select All” to export and Hit “Download Export File”

You can also optionally set a date range to export leads from.

Nice work! You’re done 🙂 This will download a .CSV file with the submissions from the form you chose, with the fields you selected. This .CSV file can be imported to software like Excel, Google Sheets, or even a 3rd party CRM!

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