Lead Management

Lead Management is important! In this tutorial, we will find out where on your Carrot site you can find your Lead Management controls, and how to use them! This all takes place from right within your site Dashboard, so go ahead and open that up to start things off.

Step 1: Click on “Dashboard” To Access Your Leads

From your account page, click “Dashboard” on the site you want to check your leads on:

Step 2: Go to “Leads” to View and Manage Your Leads

  1. From the main Dashboard area on the left of your screen, click the navigation option that reads “Leads”, as shown below:

  1. Leads will have your total leads listed from every form as a default on this page. You can see the most recent to the last received. You can also click on the “All Forms” dropdown and choose to only see leads received on a particular form of yours.

  1. If you click on any one of these leads, you can then leave notes to yourself or your assistants regarding this particular contact. You can also click “send email” to begin crafting an email response to the lead. These areas are shown below!

Step 3: Organize and sort your leads

To sort your leads, click on the dropdown that says “New” by default and send the lead to one of the available categories that best describes it:

Step 4: To Delete Leads

To delete a lead, click on the lead you wish to delete and then click the trashcan icon indicated in the Gif below:


That’s it! We learned how to view your leads, contact them, leave notes and delete unwanted leads.

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