How to Move Spam Leads to Inbox

“Hello, I am a Nigerian prince and my grandmother has fallen ill. Can you please send me money.”

You don’t want to receive spammy leads like the one above and we don’t want that for you either. Thus the automated spam filter built into your site that responds similar to your email’s spam filter, watching for phrases, emails, and names that are known to spam folks. However, this system is not perfect and we know spam can be missed or a legitimate lead can be placed in your spam folder. When that happens, you can use the lead manager to move your leads to the appropriate filter.

Access Your Spam Entries

Go to your site’s Dashboard and select Leads on the left-hand menu. Click here to access the Lead Dashboard directly. Once you have access to the dashboard, there is a blue link with an eye icon titled “Show Spam.” Click this link to access your spam and review entries. We recommend doing this on a fairly regular and consistent basis to ensure you do not miss legitimate leads (at least once a week).

Move the Lead From Spam

Click “Not Spam” to remove your lead from the spam inbox to your Open Leads.

Don’t forget to click “ok” to confirm the switch.

Step 6: You’re Done! Click “Hide Spam” to Return to Open Leads

Your lead will automatically be placed in your Lead Dashboard to follow up with accordingly.