Intro | The Evergreen Marketing Plan

Shifting Your Marketing Mindset

Evergreen vs. Hamsterwheel Marketing

Watch the video below to learn how to use Carrot’s tools & create content that will resonate with your audience long-term and not disappear into the clutter!

Evergreen Marketing: How To Finally Get Off Marketing Hamster Wheel and Convert Leads 2-4x Higher

You can have the best website in the world, the fastest loading, the highest converting… If you don’t consistently get the right people that you can help to it, it won’t do much for you.  On the other hand, you can have lots of traffic, but a terrible website, it’ll be a leaky bucket costing you tens of thousands per year.

With the shifting real estate industry,

This requires a full strategy shift in the way you’re approaching marketing. Inbound online marketing (SEO and content) takes time and patience. This isn’t a tactic or technique that you try for a few weeks and stop. Lots of people create content.

Everything you post on Facebook or Instagram is content. The problem with most content is it has a very short shelf life. If you’re an agent or investor posting videos on Facebook, great! But the average lifespan of a FB video is 72 hours… then it’s pushed down the feed and no one will see it… so you have to keep cranking out new content. And that video you uploaded a month ago, it’s not going to be pulling leads and customers in 6 or 12 months.

This is what we call “Hamster Wheel” marketing: Marketing that stops bringing you results after you stop the activity. You’re required to always be on the hamster wheel cranking away. It works, but is tiring and long-term a grind (opposite of freedom and flexibility). This includes direct mail, cold calling, text message marketing, in person networking, you get the idea.

Then there is Evergreen Marketing: Evergreen Marketing continues to work for months and years after you put it out to the world. You find out what your best clients want to see online (answers to their problems, content, value), you create content around it, upload it online, and they find it. That content stays online forever… as long as you keep your website live. People can continue to find it for years. You stack content pieces over time… momentum builds and you can get off the Marketing Hamster wheel.

We suggest a mix of both. Evergreen marketing isn’t fast or quick leads. Evergreen Marketing is like eating healthy foods, taking your vitamins, and doing things to build energy and health in the long-term.  Hamster Wheel marketing is like taking a 5-hour energy shot. Yes, it’ll quickly give you energy… but then you crash once it wears off and if you keep doing it it’ll eventually drive you into the ground.
Long-term health and wellness take a commitment… a shift in the way you live. Evergreen Marketing takes a commitment, a shift in the way you look at marketing.

Just uploading content to a website isn’t Evergreen marketing. Yes, it’ll be on your website, but is it continually attracting high-quality prospects to your site and converting them?

Hamster Wheel in the short term and/or to grow your deal volume and Evergreen for long-term momentum for high-margin deals consistently with decreasing cost over time.

Evergreen Marketing Framework

Build Out Your Lead Gen Hub

It takes patience. Momentum with ranking high in Google for the phrases your ideal clients are searching for can take 3 – 12 months, depending on the size and competitiveness of the market (when executed properly).  Agent/Investor client Tyler Ford calls it the 2-6-1 method. Hard work for 2-6 months for big results within 1 year.

But it’s worth it. But once momentum is gained, consistent and predictable leads (the highest quality and most motivated) is the result. This is where true freedom and flexibility come from.

Here’s proof!