Set Up MailChimp Integration with Carrot’s Forms

If you’re looking to have your leads automatically added to Mailchimp, you’ll want to integrate Mailchimp to Carrot. That’s the purpose of this page. At the end of this page, you should have your forms integrated with Mailchimp and all leads would automatically be added to Mailchimp for your management and followup.

Step 1: Go to Content

Step 2: Go to Forms > Settings > MailChimp, input your API Key, and Update your settings

*If you’re not sure where to get your MailChimp API key, you can click here for a tutorial on how to do that!

Step 3: Access Your Mailchimp Settings

Go to Forms, hover over the settings button of the form you want to link, and click MailChimp

Step 4: Add A New Feed


Step 5: Map Your Fields

Name your integration and choose a list your lead should go to within Mailchimp. Check out the “Learn More” section to learn more about how to up a Mailchimp list prior to starting this process. Once you have the list selected, you’ll need to click the drop-down menu for each map field to choose the area the information should go to within your Mailchimp feed.


Step 6: Save Your Work

Click “Update Settings” and your form is now linked to MailChimp

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