Niche Authority Builder Overview and Training

This is the content unlock you’ve been looking for to drive the traffic you can best serve to your Carrot site.

Our Niche Authority Builder tool can help you quickly execute Carrot’s blog content strategy across your Motivated Seller, Hybrid, Agent Seller, and Mobile Home Seller sites*.

It not only provides a high-quality, long-form, authority-building article for you within minutes, but also automatically links a list of 5 to 10 Supporting Posts to and from your Niche Topic page. This creates a crystal clear sitemap for search engines to quickly understand who to send your way.

Want to ensure your Niche Topic page and Supporting Posts are unique and market-relevant? Our intuitive Unique Content Tool will keep you updated on how different the content you are adding or editing is from the original article template at a glance. It’s your entire site content strategy in one place.

The below components of this feature are all informed by our blog content strategy, but rather than having you do the work researching, writing and linking a Niche Topic Page and Supporting Posts, we’ve built the foundation for you to work off of and add content that is most relevant to your market and incorporates your expertise.

Here is how it is structured:

  • One Niche Topic Page is published on your site targeting a specific niche audience
  • From that Niche page, 5-10 Supporting Posts are linked out from a “Related Articles” section
  • All of those Supporting Posts link back to your Niche Topic Page, creating your site map for that niche

*Note: Niche Authority Builder is not currently available for Investor Buyer, Agent Buyer, and Land Buyer/Seller sites.

Start using the Niche Authority Builder

Members with the Content Tools Add-On have access to our Niche Authority Builder tool.

When you add a new page, you’ll be prompted to choose your page type, a Standard page or Niche Topic Page with Supporting Posts:

You’ll then be prompted to choose a niche topic for your page, and next you’ll set a target market.

Set a target market for your Niche Topic

While you may have a very clear location focus for your homepage, it’s important to remember the location to target may differ when using the Niche Authority Builder to generate your Niche Topic.

The homepage targets broader keywords based off of your primary market, e.g. “sell my house in Portland; investment properties in Chicago; homes for sale in San Diego”–this means leads will come through with varied motivations.

For visitors landing on a Niche Topic page, the motivation is much clearer: this leads to highly qualified leads where you’ll immediately understand the situation they are facing.

When determining the target audience for a Niche Topic, we recommend casting a wider net–if the market on your homepage is not a major market city (think less than 500k population), use your market state as the target market of your Niche Topic.

If your primary city of business is in a major market (greater than 500k population), leave the input field blank and the articles will autofill any shortcode within the content to your default market city.

So, to recap:

  • Your Niche Topic should target a market that contains at least 500k population or greater
  • If your homepage market already fits that qualification, you do not need to fill out the field–we’ll populate the Niche Topic Page and Supporting Posts with your site’s default market_city!
  • If your homepage market does not exceed 500k, you should fill in the field instead with your market state under “Set your target market”

Niche Topic Pages

The Niche Topic Pages you select are written with a specific niche audience in mind and designed to target your most qualified leads. They are broad, long-form articles (ideally around 1500 to 2000 words, longer depending on topic complexity) broken down into smaller sections that briefly cover the many aspects of the topic at hand.

You must make this page your own, similar to your homepage. Update it with content that is unique enough from the original article to stand out from other competitors who are publishing without making changes.

To make this page uniquely yours, add specific details about your local market area or your own experience with this topic:

  • Describe and link out to relevant laws on city or state government websites, for example: the succession law on your state’s website
  • Introduce and link to relevant local businesses or organizations, for example: local fire & smoke damage restoration services
  • Include written or video testimonials from clients you’ve helped with this topic
  • Add in-depth case studies about clients you’ve helped with this topic
unique content tool

We strongly recommend directly linking to the newly published Niche Topic Page from your site’s Homepage for maximum exposure to your end users as well as search engines.

Supporting Posts

A vital element to building authority around a Niche Topic is the Supporting Posts that link to and from your Niche Topic Page.

These short blog posts (500-800 words, typically) allow a reader to dig a bit deeper into the subject beyond the Niche Topic Page and are critical to mapping out a robust network of content for search engines, all pointing back to the Niche Topic Page.

Manually linking additional Supporting Posts

If you want to add another blog post to your Niche Topic (we recommend 8-10 total), it’s easy to add another Supporting Post so long as you are careful to link back to the Niche Topic page from the new Supporting Post as well. Here’s how you can do so in a few easy steps:

Add an additional Supporting Post to a Niche Topic:

  1. Edit your Niche Topic page and navigate to the “Related Posts” section of the article.
  2. Copy and paste the title of the post you’d like to add under the “Related Posts” section of the article; highlight the title and paste the URL of the new Supporting Post.
  3. Now to link back to your Niche Topic–open the editor of the Supporting Post you’ve just added and identify a line of text early on in the blog post that is an ideal candidate to link back to your Niche Topic article. Ideally, this should be linked within the first two paragraphs to ensure search engines are attaching high value to the link.
  4. Once you’ve found the right context to link back to the Niche Topic article, paste the Niche Topic URL and be sure the link is set to open in a new tab.

When reviewing your Supporting Posts, you may have similar existing posts you’d like to swap out with the Supporting Posts built into the Niche Topic you’ve selected: you can manually do so by taking the following steps:

  1. Edit your Niche Topic page and navigate to the article’s “Related Posts” section.
  2. Click on the Supporting Post you’d like to replace–it should open in another tab within your browser window.
  3. Navigate to the tab with your Supporting Post, edit the post, and delete the post from the sidebar view. This will remove the post from your site entirely.
  4. Once the original Supporting Post is removed, paste the title of the new article you’d like to add under the “Related Posts” section of your Niche Topic Page and add the URL link.
  5. Navigate to the new Supporting Post and edit it to link back to your Niche Topic Page to ensure the site map remains clear to Google–we recommend adding the link within the first two paragraphs.

Keep in mind, the sooner you make this change, the better. Ideally, you are doing this within the first few days of publishing your Niche Topic.

Making your Niche Topic unique

To unlock the full value of a Niche Topic, it is critical to add or edit enough of the posts and page to at least 30% unique from the original template.

Because other members are publishing these articles as well, if you don’t add your own expertise and market insights, you won’t get the maximum SEO benefit of these content-rich and mapped Niche Topics.

Fortunately, we make this much easier to track with Carrot’s Unique Content Tool. Use this as a reference to the content you are adding within the first few days of publishing to ensure the content is unique from other competitors who may also be publishing the same articles.

unique content tool

Some other great elements to add to your Niche Topic page:

  • CTAs! Be it as a hero block or added in a cover block midway through the article
  • Relevant testimonials
  • Localization elements (area images, houses relevant to the topic)
  • Additional supporting posts (try to cap at 10 total)

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