REIPro Integration


The purpose is to link your Carrot account with REIPro.

What you’ll need:

Access to your REIPro account

The Tutorial:

Step 1: Login to your REIPro account

Login to your REIpro account, click on the My Account tab, then Account Home then Advanced Settings.

Step 2: Request an API Key to use on your site

Then click “save changes”

Step 3: Go to Forms>Settings>REIPro CRM, input your API Key from Step 2, and click “Update Settings”

Step 4: Add feeds to your forms

Go back to the Forms page, click on a form to add a feed to, then click on REIPro CRM under Settings on the chosen form.

Step 5: Map your REIPro fields to your form’s fields

Match up your fields so they get mapped properly in REIPro. I.e. match up Email to Email, Phone to Phone.

Step 6: Test the form

After the feed is added, it is a good idea to test the form. Simply visit your website, find the form you are working on, then fill it out.

You should then see your lead come through to your REIPro account.

*If you have multiple sites to connect to REI Pro use the same API Key on all sites.

Learn More:

If you’re new to REIPro and would like to learn more you can check out their site at