Updating Your Company Page


Your Company Page (or About Us page) is the second most important page to update on all of your sites. Across the board, we have found “Our Company” pages are the second page visited by your potential leads. They want to know who you are and why they should work with you. Once you go through this tutorial, you will know how to update the “Our Company” page to share your story and stand out in your market.

What You’ll Need

  • Image of you and your team
  • Short, descriptive paragraphs about you and your team that build credibility
    • Please see Learn More for details on how to write a great bio


Step 1: Go to your site’s dashboard within your account

Step 2: Click “View Site” on the left-side menu:

Step 3: Click “Our Company” menu link

By default, this is located on the top right or top center menu. It may be titled “About Us” instead of “Our Company.”

Step 4: Click “Edit Page” on the top black admin bar

Step 5: Update the content of your Our Company page

You will have arrived on the edit page for the Our Company or About Us page. This is the place you will add and update content so the information on this page is indicative of you and your business. There are three sections to every page:

  1. The Hero Section is a banner-like section at the top of your page. It is what you see on the home page and you will have the same layout as your homepage when you activate this section. You can add a form, call to action content, and a background image to add some pizzazz to your company page.
  2. The Credibility Bar is a small bar placed directly between the hero section and the main content. It can include an image, testimonials, or custom content. It is best used for items such as a BBB logo, Equal Housing Opportunity logo, and other concise items that build the legitimacy of your business.
  3. The Main Content is the section that our site has completed on the Our Company page by default. we do not have the hero section or the credibility bar activated on this page. This is the area you will work in the most. Add your company information and update any of the default information so this page represents you, your company, and how it aligns with your visitors’ goals. Once completed, hit the update button and you are finished.


Step 6: Click the “Update” button on the right and you’re done!

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