View Your Site

After you create a site, it is live and can be viewed at anytime. Here’s how:

Step #1: Login to your account

You will learn how to view your site and pages using three methods. One way is to view it from your account’s dashboard. You can also view it by clicking the domain name, once it’s attached. And, lastly, you can view individual pages from within the content dashboard.

View Your Site From Your Dashboard

Screenshot on 24-May-16 at 14.35.39
Once logged in, you’ll go to your sites dashboard to view your site (if you haven’t attached a domain)
Screenshot on 26-May-16 at 14.43.02 (1)
Then you’ll click “view” to see your site. That’s it!

If You Attached a Custom Domain:

Screenshot on 26-May-16 at 14.41.57
If you attached a custom domain, you’ll see it posted below your site name. Click this and you can view your site! 🙂

View Your Site While Making Changes to Your Pages

Sometimes, you’re going to want to see your site as you are making changes to your pages.

Well, It’s just a click away! You can even do this without saving the updates before those changes are live!

Pretty cool! Huh? ^_^

While you’re in the page, instead of clicking “Update” you’ll click “Preview Changes.

Screenshot on 26-May-16 at 14.55.30
That’s it!