Viewing Leads In Your Carrot Dashboard

When you generated multiple leads each week from different forms it can be hard to track which leads are coming from where. We have created an easy to use, simple, and great looking solution to this problem.

Want to export your leads to Excel format instead? Check out the guide for that here.

View all your leads

To view all of your website’s leads across all of your forms, go to your Dashboard and select Leads. Here’s the direct link to access the Lead Dashboard. 



It will then look like this:

Lead Manager Update
New leads will appear like this:


If you want to view leads from a specific form just toggle the dropdown 



Single Lead View

Simply click on a lead form to get more data. You will notice that if a lead has given you a good address it will show

  • A Google map
  • Google street view
  • Property details from Zillow

You can also leave notes on the property which works great if you have a VA or a team member that you need to communicate with on a lead.


You can move the lead to a different status by selecting any of the options below



Searching Through Leads

Simply type a query into the search box to search within all your leads.