Viewing Leads In Your Carrot Dashboard

It’s super important to be organized when it comes to your leads and followup. While Carrot isn’t a full CRM (yet), we recognize the need to know where you are with a potential deal. Thus the lead manager was birthed.

When you generated multiple leads each week from different forms it can be hard to track which leads are coming from where. We have created an easy to use, simple, and great-looking solution to this problem.

Viewing Your Leads

To view all of your website’s leads across all of your forms, go to your site’s Dashboard and select Leads on the left-hand menu. Click here to access the Lead Dashboard directly.

New leads will appear in your “Open Leads” tab. Your “Open Leads” will be visible at first glance. These are all leads that are marked internally as “new,” “follow up,” and “pending.” They have passed through your site’s spam filter, which makes it easier for you to save time from responding to entries from automated bots – bots that are designed to phish for information or sales. You probably already receive too many of these in your daily life (robocalls and such), and we didn’t want you to receive those on your site.

We designed the filter in a method similar to one of your email uses. However, the spam filter we use is not perfect and you may find legitimate leads that get sent to your spam folder. These should definitely be moved out so you can followup accordingly. Alternatively, you may find spam entries that need to be removed from your Open Leads. Here’s more on how to mark leads as spam.

If you want to view leads from a specific form just toggle the dropdown to select the form you want

The title of the form is always the first bold sentence you see on your site’s forms. For this example, we have an owner finance site and the home page form is “Enter Your Information Below To Get Immediate Access.”

You can sort through active leads by clicking the arrow on the left of “Open Leads.”

Your open leads include all of your leads marked as new, follow up, and pending. If you want to view one of these filters, such as your follow up leads only, then you’ll select it from the drop-down to activate that view.

Single Lead View

Your leads are automatically merged if someone completes more than one form on your site in the same session. For example, if someone starts on the home page and fills out that form as well as the subsequent form, you will only have one lead listed in your Open Leads. To view all your lead’s information, click on that lead for more data. If a lead has given you a good address, it will show

  • A Google map
  • Google street view
  • Property details from Zillow.

You’ll also see the section Notes – which works great if you have a VA or a team member that you need to communicate with on a lead.

Changing Lead Status

You can change a lead’s status to New, Follow Up, Pending, Won, or Dead. when you are in the single lead view. (Single lead view is when you click on a lead and their details open.) All you would need to do to change the status is to select an option at the top. There is no save button. Simply clicking and selecting the status changes it for you.

Going Back to Your Lead Dashboard

At any point, if you need to return to your lead dashboard, click the arrow box at the top left of the page.

Searching Through Leads

Your lead dashboard has a search bar at the top right of the feature. Start typing the details you need to find and hit the magnifying glass to search for a particular lead or entry information.

Want to export your leads to Excel format instead? Check out the guide for that here.