Zoho CRM Forms Integration

If you’re looking to have your leads automatically added to Zoho, you’ll want to integrate Zoho to Carrot. That’s the purpose of this page. At the end of this page, you should have your forms integrated with Zoho and all leads would automatically be added to Zoho for your management and followup.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Click “Content

Step 2: Go to “Forms” then “Zoho CRM”

Step 3: Click on “ZohoCRM Settings”

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Step 4: Enter your Zoho Account Information

  1. Zoho CRM lead owner [email]:  Enter Zoho CRM Lead owner email address
  2. Zoho CRM username [email]:  Enter Zoho CRM username email
  3. Zoho CRM password:  Enter Zoho CRM password
  4. Check No to Enter Zoho AuthToken Manually, Approval Mode, and Workflow Mode for now. You can always change them later.
  5. Click Save Zoho Settings

Step 5: Map Each Form’s Fields

You’re almost there. Now, you just need to tell Zoho what fields need to be filtered to which area in Zoho. Each form needs every section to have fields mapped where you want them. The fields available are all dependent upon what is available within Zoho. Choose the best option available for each field. 

Do the following for each form you want to send to Zoho.

A) Go Back to Forms

B) Hover Over the Form to Select “Zoho CRM” From “Settings”

C) Map the Fields

Zoho has fields available and the feed allows you to select Zoho’s fields from the drop-down. Choose the best one available for you and your business. Please note, you must have the following fields available for your form: Email, and Name.

As you can see in the image below, the first four are required fields on the form and you must select the appropriate drop-down you want that information to be added to within Zoho. All other fields that are not required do not necessitate a selection but you must select something if you want that information in your CRM.

Step 6: Save Your Work

Click “Update Settings” at the bottom of the page and your form is now linked to Zoho!

Are you more of a hands-off person? Check out our in house service for Zoho CRM Integration!