How To Use The Carrot AI Rewrite Tool


Carrot’s Content Rewrite Tool is a cool feature that helps you make your website and blog content sound better.

It’s like having a helpful robot buddy that can change your words to make them more interesting. And it’s super easy to use!

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Find Your Text

Go to a page or blog on your site and find the part you want to change. Within the visual editor of the page, highlight the text in a Paragraph block. A toolbar will appear, and within it, you’ll see a robot Carrotbud icon.

Step 2: Initiate Rewriting

Click the robot Carrotbud icon, and a menu in the right sidebar will appear.
Select “Rewrite text now” in the sidebar on the right.

A dialogue box will then appear, providing you with a note on AI Content. Click “Got it” after reading the information.

Step 3: Review and Confirm

The rewritten content will now be displayed below the original text.

You have the option to “Confirm Rewrite” if you are satisfied with the new version.

Each time you request a rewrite of your content, it will count against your total AI usage limit for the month — read more about AI usage here and how we set monthly limits.

Step 4: Iterative Rewriting

If you’re not entirely happy with the result, you can choose to “Try AI Rewrite again” or “Cancel” to return to the original content.

Step 5: Completion

Once you press “Confirm Rewrite,” the AI will make the desired changes, and your content will be updated.


By following these steps, you can efficiently and effectively use the Carrot AI Rewrite Tool to enhance your content, saving time and effort while maintaining high-quality SEO content.

Take advantage of this innovative tool to make your Carrot site and blog content truly unique and optimized for search engines.


Which blocks are compatible with this tool?

Right now, our tool is in beta and shines brightest with Paragraph and Heading blocks (the ones below H1 heading level, you know). When it comes to the blocks such as Cover blocks and List blocks, it might stumble a bit because of their snazzy formatting tricks.

How fast can this tool improve my content?

The tool works to rewrite your highlighted content in seconds, making it unique from the original template content in no time. It’s like having a magical editor by your side.

What kinds of content can I change with this tool?

You can use this tool to enhance paragraphs, headings, and various parts of your website or blog. Whether it’s a blog post, a bio, or something else, this tool can give you a hand.

Does this tool benefit my website’s SEO?

Absolutely! While Carrot gives well-optimized and high quality content out of the gate when you launch a site, we’ve found that the highest performing Carrot sites contain additional and rewritten content that is unique from the initial template to better stand out from the rest. This tool serves to differentiate your site from the dozens (if not more) Carrot sites in your market that aren’t making any changes to their content. More unique, frequently updated content means a higher ranking compared to sites not making any adjustments at all to their blog posts or pages.

Can I check the changes before finalizing them?

Yes, you can. You get to see how your content looks both before and after the changes. If the first try doesn’t quite hit the mark, you can try again until you’re satisfied.

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