How To Convert Your Existing Universal Analytics Property To GA4 (Or See If Google Has Done It For You)

NOTE: Google Analytics is undergoing a lot of changes! Google Analytics 4 has replaced Universal Analytics.

On July 1, 2023, Google stopped processing data into older Universal Analytics properties. They now ONLY process data into the new Google Analytics 4 property. 

If you first launched your Google Analytics account prior to July 2022, Google may have converted your existing Universal Analytics property over to a GA4 property for you.

Regardless, you DO NEED to input your GA4 measurement ID in your Carrot site settings for data to start processing.

If you don’t already have a Google Analytics account – Click here for instructions on creating an Analytics Account and inputting your Measurement ID into your Carrot site 🙂

Step 1: Check for a current GA4 property within your Google Analytics Account:

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account at:
  2. If you do not see an auto-created GA4 property (does not contain the former “UA-” prefix), then follow the steps below to create one from your existing property.
  3. If you do see an auto-created GA4 property, go to Step 4 in our Google Analytics tutorial.

Step 2: Converting Your UA Property To GA4 With Setup Assistant:

  1. Navigate to one of your Universal Analytics properties and navigate to the Admin settings, you should see an option for GA4 Setup Assistant.  This will help you convert your expiring property into one that can be used with GA4

  1. Choose the option to create a new Google Analytics 4 property.
  1. Choose “Install a Google tag” on the next screen:

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Step 3: Copy your Measurement ID:

Next, you will be presented with options to implement your new tag. You can click “done.” here as we will be grabbing what you need in the next step… At this point, your new GA4 property has been created and linked with your previous Universal Analytics property.  Click “Go to your GA4 property.” 🙂

You will be taken to a Setup Assistant page, but in the left-hand menu click “Data Streams” and click into the data stream that was created for you. It should be for your Carrot website’s domain.

On this page, copy your Measurement ID:

Still need help? Please scroll to the end of this tutorial and start a conversation with us.

Step 4: Input your Measurement ID on your Carrot site:

Finally, navigate back to your Carrot site dashboard.

From your Carrot site’s Dashboard – navigate to Settings > Analytics & Scripts. There you will find a field for you to input your Measurement ID and start processing data to your new GA4 property.

Great job! You should be all set.

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