Editing Forms

You can change your forms to ask more questions, update what is required and what is not, and so much more. When editing the form, you can change many aspects, however, the form’s colors are set ton the template and pertain to that design. They are not editable. You can update your button color within your site’s design if you choose to keep the same template. Here’s more details on how you can update a form’s button color.

This tutorial will show you how to edit existing forms on your Carrot websites.

Editing forms on your Carrot site:

Step 1: Go to the Site’s “Dashboard” for the Form you Want to Edit

Step 2: Select “View Site” at the Bottom Left of the Dashboard

Step 3: Click on a Form to Edit Within Your Carrot Site

You can click to view any page on your site once you view the site. While viewing the site, there is an icon to edit the form for any page you are on. Click the “pencil” icon to edit the form’s content and the form’s fields.

Step 4: Update Your Form Fields (Places You Collect Information)

Here, you can drag and drop new fields, edit existing fields, and delete fields. Each field is added by clicking an option on the far right. The fields already listed are currently on the form itself and editable in that section. Just click one to open the options and edit the title or make it required/unrequired.

Step 5: Update Your Form Settings

The form settings is where you will find the content for the first sentences of the form as well as the button text. This area is where you will find and update that content on the form.

Click the “save button at the end and you’re done!

Please note, there are many things that can be done using form fields. This is a very general tutorial and we’d be happy to discuss advanced moves if you have any further questions! 

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