How to Add a New User to Your Site

Do you need to add someone to your site to edit content, make changes, and create content for you? You can add anyone to your site as long as you have a separate email address for them. There are a few different roles you can assign to their user profile. You can view those here.

Once you have that address, you can add a user within your site’s dashboard. Here’s how you can make that happen.

Step 1: Go to your site’s Dashboard

Step 2: Click “Users”

Step 3: Add a new user

Click the green button on the top right to “Add a User.”

Step 4: Send an invitation to the new user

The user email will need to be verified for a new user to be created. To do so, fill in the required info and select the role (explained here) you wish to give them using the dropdown. Click “Send Invitation” and the user will be invited to your site.

Your new user will get their password in the email with instructions on how to log in. Once logged in they can change their password and any other info (except their username) by editing their profile.

Note: To invite an existing Carrot user who already has a Carrot user account, you must provide their exact username and email address. Please ask the user for this information before inviting them to your site.