Keyword Rank Tracking Tool

As part of the Content Pro and Advanced Marketer membership, you can view the rankings for your site for particular keywords or keyphrases. This way, you can learn how your site is performing organically.

Once you know where your site ranks, you can then add or edit content to continue to drive the best ranking keywords and/or improve keywords you want to rank higher for.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: From the Main Dashboard, Select “Rankings”

Step 2: Select “Add a Keyword Now”

Step 3: Add Your Keyword

 You can write in a specific keyword phrase or select one of the suggested options on the right. When you’re ready, click the button “Add Keyword.”

Step 4: Select “View All Keywords” to View All Added Keywords

Step 5: Now you can view your added keywords.

It can take up to a couple of days before Google is able to compile all of this information and list your rankings… please be patient.

Once the Google Rankings have compiled the information… this is what is should look like.

It’s common for sites to go up and down with their keyword rankings so don’t lose heart if your site is a lower ranking than you want. The great thing about SEO is it can always improve.

(If Necessary) Deleting a Keyword: Select on the keyword, then select “Delete Keyword”