Return Access to Bypass Forms

Carrot forms have a feature to let your site visitors bypass a Landing Page, or Page if they have already completed the form. This is useful for requiring an opt-in to see a specific page or other content on your website.

To enable this for a form, simply

Edit the form in your site’s admin


Click on “Confirmations” under “Form Settings”

Edit the default confirmation

edit default confirmation

Make sure the confirmation is set to a type of “Page” or “Redirect”

confirmation page

Check the box for “Allow Return Access”

That’s it! Now once a visitor has filled out this form, they will automatically be redirected to the confirmation page rather than having to fill out the form again.

Note: this status is saved to the visitor’s browser, so if they visit the site from another computer/device or clear their browser’s cookies, they will be asked to submit the form again.