Return Access to Bypass Forms

Your site visitors can bypass filling out a form if they have already completed it; however, you must activate this setting to make that possible. This is useful for requiring an opt-in to see a specific page or other content on your website.

Let’s go through the steps to enable return access so your visitors can bypass forms.

Access the Form’s Confirmation Settings

Go to your site’s Content ➡️ Forms ➡️ Confirmations. You can access the confirmation settings by clicking this link.

Edit the Default Confirmation

Activate the Confirmation Bypass

Make sure the confirmation is set to a “Page” or “Redirect” so the bypass sends your visitor to a live page. Activate the bypass by checking the box to “Allow Return Access.”

That’s it! Now once a visitor has filled out this form, they will automatically be redirected to the confirmation page rather than having to fill out the form again.

Note: this status is saved to the visitor’s browser, so if they visit the site from another computer/device or clear their browser’s cookies, they will be asked to submit the form again.