Using the Carrot AI Tool

Rewriting content across your to make it unique to your target audience takes plenty of thought and effort to execute–and you’ll still need to pay attention to maintaining SEO best practices while editing. Fortunately, Carrot’s AI tool is able to carry out both tasks easily and quickly. With Carrot AI, you can:

  • Rewrite as little as a single line of text or as much as multiple paragraphs of text
  • Rewrite H3, H4 and H5 headings (more on that below)
  • Try out multiple rewrites and choose the result you like best
  • See the original text right above the rewrite to directly compare the content

Worried about needing to use prompts? Rather than putting the onus on our members to attempt to find the right prompts to produce what you need by trial and error, we’ve set up the tool with system prompts to produce great content while still staying in line with the same best practices for SEO that we work into our templates. With that said, here’s some general guidance for using Carrot AI to rewrite content.

Understanding AI usage

Our tool communicates with ChatGPT (ie., Open AI) when you select and request text to be rewritten. Within that request, there are three components ChatGPT takes into consideration in determining how many tokens to deduct from your account (FYI: tokens are what ChatGPT uses to measure the sequence of characters it has processed in the entire request):

  • System prompt (that’s what Carrot has set for you to provide the best context for ChatGPT to work with)
  • Input (the content you have selected to be rewritten)
  • Output (the rewritten content ChatGPT sends back to your site)

This exchange happens each time a request to rewrite content is made, even if you ultimately choose to stick with the original. To help conceptualize, ChatGPT has a nifty Tokenizer tool to show how it breaks down text into tokens.

Why a monthly limit?

For the vast majority of our members, we’re confident the limit we’ve placed on each account per month will rarely be reached, especially after the first month of use in rewriting larger sections of content. While ChatGPT does charge Carrot on a per-token basis, this limit is mainly in place to safeguard against any extremely high usage from individual users. During our Open Beta period, this limit may be adjusted as we monitor average usage rates.

What happens when I’ve reached my monthly limit?

If you’ve reached your monthly token allotment, the indicator within the sidebar of the page you are working from will turn red, with rewrite functionality temporarily locked. Your token allotment will reset on the 1st of the following month! Use our unique content tool to add additional content rather than simply rewriting to continue to further differentiate your content from other competitor sites.

Tips For Rewriting Content

What content should I rewrite?

Technically, you can use Carrot AI to rewrite any bit of text within your site (with some exceptions), but here are a few primary areas this tool is intended for you to work in and make your content unique.

Page editing priority:

  • Homepage
    • We recommend rewriting and/or adding content to be at least 50% unique
    • 1500 words minimum
  • About Us/Our Company page
    • We recommend rewriting and/or adding content to be at least 50% unique
    • 500 words minimum
  • Other high impact core conversion pages on your site*
  • Niche Topic Pages and Supporting Posts
    • We recommend rewriting and/or adding content to be at least 30% unique
    • 1500 words minimum
  • ACL blog posts
    • We recommend rewriting and/or adding content to be at least 30% unique
    • 500 words minimum
    • These should be rewritten after the above pages have already been reworked

*A note on Core pages: Varies by strategy: not all “core” pages for a site need to rank for a particular phrase, but making the content unique and personalized can help increase conversion. The above pages and blogs should always be your primary priority in editing content and making unique from other competitors before turning attention to less critical pages of your site.

What content should I avoid rewriting?

As part of the system prompt we pass along to ChatGPT, we’ve included specific instructions to not rewrite any H1 or H2 headers on the page–this is because Carrot’s template headers are specifically written with SEO in mind, and rewriting those headers could have unintended consequences in confusing search engines that crawl your site. So even if you do accidentally highlight an H1 or H2 for rewriting, it won’t change the text we have in place. Lower level headers like H3, H4 and H5 are primarily intended for descriptive purposes and won’t have near the same impact at an SEO level–feel free to rewrite these as you see fit.