Automated Content Library: Making a Good/Better/Best Blog Post

At Carrot, we frequently urge members to add unique content to their site, and an easy way to do so is by taking advantage of the thousands of blog posts available through the Automated Content Library. Rather than starting from scratch, this feature allows you to edit and build on pre-written, optimized content to quickly make it unique from other competitor sites publishing those same posts without making any changes. 

If you’ve never attempted to write a blog post or create new content, it can be difficult to know when to start editing, what to add, and when a post is finished: what are the practical steps to take in making a post from our Automated Content Library your own, and how can you boost your posts’ effectiveness even further?

To demonstrate, we created three separate blog post versions based off of one article from our Automated Content Library. They are separated into Good/Better/Best iterations to give you a full understanding of what is needed to transform the original post to an outstanding, personalized and unique article that will easily rank over unedited posts from competitor sites. We’ve added the full size image of each version below, but you can also see a complete side-by-side comparison here.

Here’s the original post we started with:

To start, we want to increase the word count of the post:

Next, we zero in on beefing up the SEO of this post through linking, headers and adding an image:

Finally, we double down on expanding the content with a revamped intro paragraph and a brand new conclusion paragraph, both with H2 headers. An additional image with an appropriate alt tag is added as well:

Remember—even a little time spent goes further than you may think! The time required to make a “Best” version of each blog post may not be feasible for each post you schedule, but even aiming for “Good” or “Better” will take you much further along than the average real estate site. And Carrot has the tools to help you along the way with Keyword Explorer to use alongside the word counter in the Visual Editor to track how much text has been added. Google puts a premium on content that is unique and helpful, and one of the easiest ways to fit this criteria and attract visitors to your site is to ensure the content that makes up your blog post is at least 30% unique from the original version.

Of course, there are a few additional steps we could take to ensure this post performs well–for sake of image space, we didn’t add in a CTA at the bottom, but we’d recommend doing so for articles that target a motivated audience such as this one. There are also opportunities within blog posts to add in quality backlinks (for example, linking out to a local business relevant to the subject matter, and vice versa). And especially for agents or video-friendly investors, lots of blog post topics within the Automated Content Library serve as great idea generators for video content. There is a lot that goes into blog strategy, so if you have further questions, we recommend taking a look at our latest tutorial on blog content strategy here.

Hopefully, this guidance gives you a clearer understanding of what it takes to transform one of our Content Library posts to your own, personalized and unique content.