Deciding To Outsource Or Do It Yourself

Getting a clear plan on who will do what and how to beat your competition!

Outsourcing vs. Doing It Yourself

Congrats! You’ve honed your plan and strategy and know that generating leads online with Carrot is going to give you the highest long-term return on investment!

Now, all you need to decide is whether you’ll be doing the work to drive qualified prospects (traffic) to your site or whether you’d rather hire all or parts of it out.

When To Outsource

Outsourcing can be an amazing way to get more done and get results faster if you have the money budget to pay people to help with certain tasks.

A good rule of thumb on when to outsource is this:

  1. You’ve decided you want the result (i.e. – You want a higher Google ranking or you want to do Google PPC to get consistent leads)
  2. You have limited time and those tasks aren’t in your wheelhouse of what you like or are good at
  3. You value your own time at more than it would cost to pay someone to do the task for you
  4. You have the money budget set aside to pay for the person to help you implement

If you fit all 3 criteria, you should seriously consider finding help with implementing the marketing to get qualified buyers, sellers, tenants, etc. to your websites.

You can visit our Carrot Marketplace to outsource many tasks like PPC Marketing, SEO, setting up your websites / branding, city specific pages, and more!  We’re in the process of adding more amazing “done for you” services to the Carrot Marketplace right now as well!

When To Do The Work Yourself

Just like farming, you can’t grow a crop that you can harvest unless someone is performing the tasks to help the crop grow. Watering the crop, adding fertilizer… you get the idea.

As we talk about in Phase 1, Carrot is the most effective “soil” that you can start with in the entire industry… then you can adjust and tweak it to be more personalized to you and your business.

In Phase 2, you are getting qualified prospects to your website so our powerful lead conversion technology can convert them into a lead. But no one will land on your website unless you or someone is doing the things that will get those prospects to land on your website. Things like Craigslist marketing, SEO, Google PayPerClick, Facebook ads, or just adding your website address to your existing offline marketing to make your offline marketing more powerful.

So, someone has to be continually “watering” to grow your traffic.

If you’d rather roll up your sleeves and implement the plan from the trainings we have, awesome!

Here is a basic outline of about how much time you may carve out in your schedule to really give it a good go!

  • Month 1:  2-4 hours per week
    • Minimum of 1 hour per week. To customize your site, setup your citations from the 3LPD training, and hop on a Coaching Call to ask questions
  • Months 2-3: 1-2 hours per week
    • Tweaking your Google PayPerClick campaigns (if you choose to do PPC marketing), post some Craigslist ads, and perform the SEO tasks we teach in the 3LPD like building backlinks, setting up your Google + profile, and maybe launching a YouTube video or two)
  • Months 3+: 1-2 hours per week max
    • Posting content to your website, continuing the 3LPD (3 Lead Per Day) training plan of backlinks and social media signals, launching another YouTube video, and reaching out to Carrot support and showing up to our LIVE Carrot Coaching Calls (Content Pro Members and above) to ask us strategy questions and have us help you past any roadblocks.

The Biggest Key

In the end, if you’re aiming on ranking well in Google in a city of a population over 100,000 it’s going to take some time.

Sometimes you may feel like you’re doing all of the right things but not seeing any real jump in SEO rankings… and that is normal.  Usually around the 4-7 month range in SEO for highly competitive search phrases in larger markets you’ll see what we call a “ranking sprout” where your ranking will jump many places overnight (if you’re doing SEO and inbound marketing per our steps in our training).

So the biggest key is have a plan, have realistic timelines if you plan on doing SEO, and be persistent and patient.

We’ve seen too many investors who after 3 or 4 months trying to do their own SEO say… “It doesn’t work, I’m going to try something else”.  And if they would have stuck with it for longer they likely would have continued to climb in the rankings and the leads all of the sudden start coming in more and more consistently!

As you can see when you listen to the stories from members like Brittany B., Josh J., and Chris C on our Stories page… all of them had to be patient and blast through that mental clutter that was making them want to quit.

If they would have quit at the 3, 4, 5, or even 6 month mark, they would have missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars over their careers.


Last, reach out to us as you need help, hit roadblocks, or have questions. We’re here for you every step of the way.

We’ve been through the process of launching websites from scratch in markets all across the country hundreds of times… and seeing how to turn them into consistent lead flows. So tap into our knowledge and expertise. It’s valuable… leverage it.

Here’s to an amazing relationship together!

– Trevor

CEO of Carrot