Scheduling Content with the Automated Content Library

Content Pro and Advanced Marketer members have access to the Automated Content Library, which is a collection of pre-written articles our copywriters craft and optimize based on the types of leads you want to find. Each month, there are 24 articles produced (12 for Content Pro and Advanced Marketer members and 12 more for Advanced Marketers only). Articles are then bundled into easy-to-schedule packets of 4 articles, with 3 lead types target to make up the 12 articles. This is perfect to schedule a weekly article.

This tutorial will walk you through how you can add these content packs to your site, which will also help you improve your SEO. We recommend scheduling your posts to publish once a week.

Let’s get started!

How to Schedule Your Carrot Content Packs - Video Tutorial

Step 1: Access the Content Library

Go to your account page at and click on the “Schedule” link located below your posts, or click “Content Marketing” on the top right to be directed to the Content Pro tool. You can also access it directly at

Step 2: Choose your Focus

Step 3: Choose Your Lead Type

Step 4: Choose your Content Pack

Each pack has an arrangement of different articles. Some pertain to foreclosure. Some for probate only. Choose a pack that represents your business and services. You can always view the articles prior to publishing them by clicking the links to preview them. Each pack has a different number of articles (or blog posts) that will be scheduled for your site.

* If you are on the Advanced Marketer plan, your exclusive content packs are noted in the first sentence of the pack’s description. 

Step 5: Schedule Your Content

Once you have found the content you want to add to your site, it’s time to put it on your blog page. Click the link and it will take you to a screen that will allow you to schedule your pack.

  • Choose the site you want to add the articles to
  • Choose the timeframe to schedule the articles (we recommend 1xweek)
  • Choose the first date to publish the first article
  • Hit “Add Content Pack”

* If It’s Green, You’re Done 🙂


You should see a page with green boxes around the articles that have been published to your site. If you see orange boxes, then the articles were not published to your site because they have been previously added and we do not allow duplicate content to be posted because it would hurt your rankings. No bueno! (See below)

We publish 12 new articles each month. If you do not see one that pertains to an area of your investment business then let us know. We’d be happy to add a pack into the rotation if it will benefit your business. 🙂

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