Visual Editor FAQ

When will the new editor be available on Carrot?

It already is for beta users! We are activating the editor for Advanced Marketer members. Because it is a manual process, you’ll want to sign up first. Once turned on, the editor is set as your default editor. You’ll still have the majority of your content in the “Classic Editor” block. Which you can convert to blocks.

The new editor is anticipated to be turned on for all members by Q1 2020.

How will my existing content look?

Your current content should look the same as it did before. If you edit an existing post or page in the new editor, all the content will be placed in a “Classic Block,” which will treat it the same way that the previous editor did.

Why doesn’t my content look the same in the editor and on the site?

You may see some variation between your content in the editor and on the site, largely because of the way your chosen theme displays different visual elements. Some themes will include styles to help the editor look more like the front of the site; others will not.

Can i still add a credibility bar to my site?

Yes you can! The credibility bar is now essentially your choice of blocks, making it much more flexible for you to add credibility-boosting pieces below your hero.

Will I still be able to use the old editor?

The block editor will still allow you to use “Classic Block,” but the publishing experience will be moving to the new editor layout moving forward.

Do shortcodes still work?

Yes. The editor comes with a shortcode block, which you can use for shortcodes. In the future, most shortcodes will become their own blocks. Half have been converted to blocks, including testimonials, button, property, form, and column shortcodes.

How are my colors chosen in the editor?

Black, grey, white, and your branding colors are available. You’ll see the primary, button, and link colors all with a darker and lighter variation included in the list. You must update those colors to change those within the editor. This will help keep your branding and colors consistent and help your rapport with site visitors. Learn how to update colors here

Do I need to use a particular DESIGN for the new editor?

No. The new block editor will work with all the Carrot site styles and designs.


There are a few bugs within the preview and editor that need to be sorted. For example, when the hero image is updated on the page, it will show once the update button is clicked. However, it will not show on the editor until that time. Our team is working on a fix to ensure all items and blocks have real-time updates. Most are available immediately, with a few remaining to be solved.


Carrot’s new visual editor and the classic editor differ and we were unable to make a straight copy over when you hit the option to “convert to blocks.” This is particularly notable with the shortcode items (bracketed details [ ]). The shortcodes at the beginning of paragraphs and images is placed in a shortcode block. We have noticed this is particularly applicable when converting the company page and the company shortcode is moved to it’s own line. The home page’s image caption also separates because caption is a shortcode on the backend. You’ll want to remove the shortcode block and replace those items within the new paragraph and image blocks.

how do i see my page after editing it?

To view your page, you’ll want to click the “Document” link on the sidebar settings. Then open the permalink selection and click the second link that reads the URL for that page.


There are a few requirements for the video and file uploads. A maximum file size of 5mb is allowed and several file types open the system to attacks. We have set paraments for video MOV files and audio mp3 files to be used. However, we always recommend using a third-party host for these services because you have better SEO options using an outside source and can also upload a larger file size to their system.

What is the advanced html anchor setting?

This option is available on all blocks within the editor and is the last option on the sidebar settings. It is used developers use this for custom markup (code).

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