Widget Blocks

Widget Blocks

This page dives into your widget blocks, what they are for, and how you can use them. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team via live chat (weekdays 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time) or email at support@carrot.com.


Using the Shortcode Widget Block

Shortcode blocks are available to add content designed to automatically pull information from other areas of your site.

For a full list of available shortcodes, please check out this tutorial.

Features & Styles:

No extra settings available.


Use the Categories Block to Display your Posts on Your Site

Category blocks add a list of your blog posts related to specific categories you have set on the posts.

Features & Styles:

  • Text Settings
    • Display as dropdown adds a box with all your blog post categories to be listed and selected for viewing
    • Show hierarchy shows if you have subcategories in the categories
    • Show Posts Counts adds a counter next to your categories
  • Advanced Settings – developers use this for custom markup (code)

Latest Posts

Display Your Latest Blog Posts Using the Latest Posts Block

The latest posts block displays a list of your most recently published posts.

Features & Styles:

  • Post Content Settings
    • Toggling on allows you to choose if you want an excerpt or if it will be the full blog post word count designates the number of words if you choose to show an excerpt
  • Post Meta Settings
    • Toggle on and off to display the date the post was published
  • Sorting and Filtering
    • Order by – Choose how you want to sort your posts
    • Category – Select the category to display
    • Use the slider to choose how many posts should be displayed
  • Advanced Settings – developers use this for custom markup (code)
Using the Search Widget Block
Add a search block to make your content searchable to your visitors

Start clicking the default text to update it.

The button color is set within your site’s design and pulls the “button color” Learn how to update colors here

Please note, placeholders are great but will be removed the moment someone starts typing. It is recommended to keep the title above the search bar for ease-of-use.

Features & Styles:

  • Advanced Settings – developers use this for custom markup (code)