Taking Advantage Of Video Marketing

Personalize my website

Determine a niche

Market my site???

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the most confusing part of pulling in leads online.

This is usually the part that either gets skipped or causes agents to give up, and for good reason. Marketing is insanely confusing to those just getting into it — and it’s not due to a lack of information — but rather an overwhelming amount of info that’s out there. If you really don’t believe me, just take an hour or so to peruse the web on the topic.

You’ll not only find thousands of different links that tell you “this is the best marketing method that marketers are sleeping on!” but also conflicting info as well. You’ll see one source tell you that PPC is the only way to market your site, and then the next source tell you PPC is for chumps.

Here’s the good news. We’ve not only worked with plenty of agents who’ve been through the process but have also gone through it ourselves. Through trial and error, we can confidently put together a strategy for you to implement to save you some of the heartaches of learning how to be an online marketer based on what we’ve learned through the collective experience of a bunch of really smart people who’ve been in the same position you currently are.

You’re probably thinking “Sounds great! Where do I start?”

If you had to guess, you’d probably guess right. Social Media.

Blasting Your Content Out To The Public

When I say social media here, I’m not talking about Facebook ads (although, we will talk about that in the next section). This section is going to be dedicated to utilizing social media to showcase your expertise, as well as pulling in leads with fishing posts!

Showing Expertise With Existing Content

If you’ve been following our guide, you should have some great content in the form of VideoPosts. You may as well be squeezing every ounce of value you can out of those videos right? Well, you’ll do that by posting your content to your social media platforms. However, there is a trick…

You see, social media platforms (we’ll use Facebook for this example) want you to stay on their platform. When you share a video that you’ve uploaded to Youtube on Facebook, Facebook sees that the video is hosted on Youtube, and it knows that by clicking that link it will take viewers out of their platform. To deter this, Facebook decides to make it so not as many people see your video. It also changes the appearance, making it less desirable and full of text rather than a nice large image of the video. How do you avoid this? You follow these steps:

  1. Record your video that you’re planning on using for a VideoPost.
  2. Take that video and upload it to Facebook directly from your phone. This keeps the video on Facebook’s platform and prevents any penalization on Facebook’s part.
  3. Take the video and upload it to Youtube.
  4. Use the Youtube link with our VideoPost feature.

Voila! You are now squeezing free publicity out of your videos. By doing this, you’re boosting your credibility as an agent. You never know which one of your Facebook friends will be buying a house later and remember that short video you shared where you were doing a walkthrough of a house.

Building Interest With Fishing Posts

Another great tool you should be using in your lead generation arsenal is Fishing Posts. These are just normal Facebook posts that gauge interest (aka fish) for people in a particular niche who may or may not be interested in your service. To come up with your own Facebook Fishing Post, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What niches am I in?
  2. What can I post to get people to self-identify and comment or message us if interested?
  3. What value can I give them?

A couple of examples:

  • “Hey Friends, if you were to pick one neighborhood you would live in town, what would it be? Ready, set, go!”
  • “Would you either have a newly renovated house or a house with a waterfront view? Drop a comment below if you are curious about the price difference”

Here’s what your Fishing Post might look like!


And the best part about the two strategies listed above? They’re entirely free! There’s not really any excuse to not be doing them. It ends up taking less than 15 minutes a week, and if you end up getting to the closing table just once a year because of it, it will be time well spent.

If you’re particularly savvy with Facebook Ads, then you can even use these videos that you’re posting to Facebook to build an audience and boost your results even more!

Doing this is taking advantage of some low-hanging fruit, and you never want to pass up the low-hanging fruit.

Congrats. You can now say that you’re marketing your website. Carry on to the next section to get into the more advanced Facebook marketing methods out there 🙂